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Fintech and Trading APIs (application programming interfaces) are transforming an industry historically resistant to change. Their increasing adoption and use throughout the financial market sector have resulted in an explosion of new apps, services and business models.

What are Trading APIs?

APIs allow different systems to talk to each other. Trading APIs help you get live market prices, execute orders in real time and manage your orders and positions from your custom applications. Built specially for market participants looking for personalized trading experience using innovative features.

How does a Trading API work?

When trading one needs access to different market quotes, orders are required to be sent based on the buy/sell signals generated by the applied strategy, and the open trading positions need to be continuously monitored till squared off.

uTrade API Kits help you build a complete customized investment and trading platform for desktop, web, mobile, and smart watches. uTrade offers Low Latency APIs that are developer & business friendly, and can help you with design custom strategy frontends, on-demand exposure to the backend infrastructure, market data, user data, risk data, transaction reports and more. 

What all uTrade Trading API’s have to offer?

With uTrades powerful API Kits, you can now build all the trading technology systems you can imagine. This includes fully functional trading terminals for retail and systematic investments, complex multi leg trading algorithms, global connectivity adaptors, comprehensive risk systems and third party integrations. These API’s support operations on multiple financial assets across global markets, including stocks, futures, options, currency derivatives, commodity derivatives, debt, cryptocurrencies and more!

  1. C++ & Linux based Back-end API for Ultra Low Latency Algo Trading:

uTrade backend APIs providet trading infrastructure (including OMS, HFT Trading Engine, Risk Management System RMS, Databases, Connectivity Adapters & more), allowing traders to create their own latency sensitive strategies and host them in an exchange co-location or non co-location environment. 

C++ is the ubiquitously preferred programming language for developing latency-sensitive High-Frequency Trading (HFT) infrastructure & algos, given its efficient capabilities for efficiently processing high volumes of data. uTrade Algo API works on an open-source linux environment, enabling access to a vast library of reusable functions & libraries, and also saving on license costs for the end-users. 

The API is designed by experts to increase trading execution efficiency, design custom trading panels, do what-if situation modelling, access real-time deep order books, operate advanced order types/TIFs, and more.

Check out sample algo.

Some other key features for the Algo API that expert developers across the industry exploit to build professional trading strategies:

  • Plethora of time-saving API command events for managing Market Data requests, smart timer events for managing function calls, authorizing strategy operations and retrieving order confirmations. 
  • Smart inter-module communication and custom response management that enables position tracing, automated hedging, smart square-off, panic control, risk limits management, exchange & OMS messages, exchange drop-copies etc. 
  • Innovative drag-n-drop UI form builder so you don’t have to spend any extra efforts on UI development.
  • Subscribe to symbol data on any exchange-support market data stream, including snapshot (top 5), custom (top-n) and Tick by Tick for full market depth exposure. Also get access to a complete market picture with data points like OHLC, DPR, TER, Volumes, Options Greeks, margin requirements, etc. 
  • Work on all order types and TIFs supported by the connected exchanges, including Day, IOC, GTD, GTC, FOK, Market, Limit, Stop Loss. Also exploit custom order types like BO, CO, AMO, etc
  • Tools to build your own strategy performance evaluation and transaction cost analysis utilities. 
  • Connectivity and data access to risk & user management system
  • Dozens of more features available, check out our github documentation or request a dedicated session with uTrade experts. (use github recording) 
  1. Frontend APIs: 

uTrade lets you build your own custom trading frontends and algo trading panels with multiple APIs based on C++ QT Framework and C# .Net. With uTrade REST API for Web Apps & Mobile Apps, uTrade C# API for desktop apps, you can also build your own trading apps, wealth advisory platforms, AI robo trading services and more.

You can create and modify your own latency sensitive front-end and host them in uTrade’s infrastructure. Benefit of developing front-end strategies is that users can add an infinite level of customization in the user’s interface as per requirement and business needs. 

  1. FIX DMA and Institutional Order Execution APIs (with Risk Management)

For managing your institutional client order flow, uTrade offers a Universal FIX DMA API, that lets you and your clients connect to uTrade’s OMS, RMS and exchange adaptors using FIX protocol. Our FIX gateways support all popular versions of FIX used in the industry, including FIX 4.2, FIX 4.4 and FIX 5.0. The FIX API can be used to fully manage multiple advanced order workflows, including true DMA, one touch DMA and high-touch care order management. This API supports single orders, multi-leg orders and Algo-on-FIX orders as well. 

With uTrade’s Trading APIs, you can also access uTrade’s comprehensive Risk Management System for meeting compliance requirements, managing clients & internal users, managing trading risk with over 300+ inbuilt risk checks, access comprehensive surveillance dashboards, alerts, historical data and much more. 

While you use uTrade Trading APIs to build your custom project, get ready access too order management, bookkeeping, exchange connectivity, database management, risk management, user management, etc.

3.Global Market Data Broadcast API

uTrade APIs can help you subscribe to market data from multiple global exchanges and feed it to your existing OMS/EMS system. You can connect to uTrade’s Market Connectivity Layer and listen to any enabled market data stream type for any connected exchange for all listed instruments, in real time for tick-by-tick (TBT), Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 or other data streams. 

Why choose uTrade Trading APIs for your Next FinTech Project?

  • uTrade APIs enable single scalable setup for multiple global markets, multiple financial instruments like stocks, futures, options, currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. 
  • TBT and N-level Market data subscription distributed by exchanges access.
  • Supports all Order types, Order TIF, Events and Transaction types. 
  • Ultra Low Latency APIs with multi-threading models.
  • Access all user and trades data, risk parameters and history.
  • Easy handling for complex pre-trade and post-trade events and structures.
  • Custom Inter-module message passing & inter-strategy communication enabled.
  • Deployment protected with smart DR mechanisms for Active or Passive failover.
  • Infinite level of customizations and optimizations possible on both frontend and backend systems being built using the API.
  • Simulation and backtesting engine available for testing your products.
  • Can be used to build AI/ML wealth management platforms, interactive advisory services, care order management for no/low/high touch intervention,HFT/LFT algos for arbitrage, execution, market making, etc.
  • Dedicated support and training services available on request.
  • Beginner friendly APIs with comprehensive documentation, FAQs and samples.
  • Works on open source environments and licences comes pre-integrated with uTrade risk & user management systems no separate licenses needed to operate.
  • Helps with hosting your API setup whether it’s a private data center/colocation/cloud.
  • Clients can host/manage on their own, or request uTrade for end-to-end managed services.
  • Sandbox & UAT environment available on request.

All of our APIs are consistently updated with evolving exchanges connectivity and compliance requirements. Using these APIs has enabled hundreds of financial institutions and service providers to develop their trading technology in-house and secure their intellectual property. It’s easy to start building your first algo with our APIs, using our developer-friendly documentation, starter kits with free sample code packages, detailed FAQs and dedicated on-call support. 

To further explore how you can use uTrade’s API kits for your organization, write to us today at or visit us at for more details. 

Disclaimer: Any Advice or information in the post is a general advice for education purpose only and does not take is not responsible for any generating any trading strategy for anyone, please do not trade or invest based solely on this information.

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