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How To Launch Your Own Discount Broking Firm?

The internet has had a fascinating impact on information and accessibility. Information is now democratised – everyone can get it whenever they choose to!...
Team uTrade
6 min read

How fintech industry can prepare itself before the third…

This blog has also been featured by CNBC TV 18 here. As India’s devastating second COVID-19 wave recedes, health and policy experts have called for...
Team uTrade
2 min read

Start your own Algo trading desk

The journey of a stock/commodity trader has changed drastically along with trading itself. Along with the advancement in technology, trading has levelled up too....
Team uTrade
7 min read

Algo Trading for Retail Investors: World of Opportunities

The stock market is one of the purest forms of modern commerce. Every participant, whether a trader or a corporate hedger, all are involved...
Team uTrade
1 min read