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API Economy: Why every tech company needs an API Strategy?

Businesses run a variety of applications, each containing and holding data vital to the needs of an organization. These applications cannot operate in isolation...
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Open Source Products in Financial Technology

Open Source software has taken the world by storm over the last two decades or so. If you look under the hood of any...
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Social Benefits of HFT and Algo Trading – Regulators should embrace them

The tremendous growth in financial trading volumes in the last couple of decades has been made possible only with the use of technology. Technology...
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Open Source Technology for Financial Services

Financial services play an important role in and their functioning. Following the credit crisis (2008), and its various consequences (deleveraging, lesser sophisticated financial products,...
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Future of Capital Markets

Financial trading has grown from manual to electronic to automated with the use of algorithms in the last few decades. The increased adoption of...
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