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Building a Sell Side OMS that fulfills Sales Traders Evolving Requirements

What is an Order Management System? An order management system (OMS) as the name suggests is used to execute securities orders in an efficient...
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FinTech APIs to Help You Build

Fintech and Trading APIs (application programming interfaces) are transforming an industry historically resistant to change. Their increasing adoption and use throughout the financial market...
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uTrade Market Data Broadcast Solution

Market Data is a broad term used to refer to the financial information necessary for carrying out research, analysing, trading and accounting for financial...
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Asset Managers: Ready to Upgrade your EMS?

EMS (Execution Management System) is a specialized application suite built for buy side fund managers and traders to access real-time market data and provide...
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Understanding DMA

Direct Market Access (DMA) is one of the finest Electronic Systems of the financial market which enables the trading firms to trade securities by...
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How To Launch Your Own Discount Broking Firm?

The internet has had a fascinating impact on information and accessibility. Information is now democratised – everyone can get it whenever they choose to!...
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