uTrade H1 Half-Yearly Newsletter 2016

uTrade H1 half yearly newsletter 2016

Indian markets have seen ups and downs so far during the year 2016. While Q1 CY2016 was a good trading period (usual anticipation at the beginning of the year), whereas Q2 CY2016 (post an average budget) was sluggish and the start to Q3 CY2016 (post a strong monsoon and GST reform) has started fairly positively.
Retail participation in Indian capital markets picked up in mid-cap stocks with the mid-cap index trading at an all-time high. Sebi’s suggestions on reforming algo trading in India have been in discussion across all Indian markets
stakeholders. We provide a detailed analysis of all ideas proposed in the recent SEBI paper. Brexit turned out to be a shocker of a development that shook the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world.
While we do not believe it’s going to have a major long-term impact (consider the lack of any unions across Asia and other continents), but it may end up as an ugly divorce that can push the UK into recession in the
near term.
US elections dominate the agenda and the potentially surprising victory of Donald Trump is not being ruled out yet. Especially after Brexit, the unthinkable seems to be possible now. The US Fed is likely to raise
rates and hence impact the funding cycles of all corporates including start-ups (especially those in the
Fintech space which may witness a tougher capital access cycle for the first time). Among the emerging countries, China continues to grow (at least superficially) despite the on-going social divide between the rich and the poor. They continue to expand large domestic tech platforms (given
global players like Facebook, Google are not allowed there) like Ant financial, WeChat, Tencent, Baidu, etc.
WeChat is a great mobile platform that does all user needs inside a single app, including, e-commerce, money transfer, booking a cab, etc.
Blockchain continues to dominate as the latest and potentially the greatest technology with huge potential in re-organizing the world’s social-economic order. There are major developments across Blockhain open sources
(like multichain, etherium), Blockchain applications across all sectors including Financial Services, Healthcare, Identity management, etc.

We believe in the next couple of years, we would have embraced
blockchain like we embraced the Internet in 1998. Technology merger with several traditional industries and service sectors is leading to great business
opportunities. Rocket Science is not Rocket Science anymore with Solar City changing the world by the most efficient rocket launches.

They have made rocket engineering, cost-efficient, more effective and will
save billions of dollars for governments all over the world and make space travel more feasible by the next decade or so.
Tesla electric and auto-driving cars seem to be the next big products that will change the face of commuting dramatically. This disruption will impact the whole ecosystem,, including the supply chain, car manufacturers, insurance, or driverless cars.

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