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uTrade June 2017 Newsletter

Following a highly eventful volatile year of unexpected events in 2016, 2017 started with relatively low volatility in the first half of the year.Lower...
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uTrade H2 Half-Yearly Newsletter 2016

2016 had been a year of unexpected events, with Brexit, followed by Demonetisation in India and Trump’s victory in US presidential elections.“De-globalisation” has become...
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When to use the B* word? When can blockchain actually help?

Quick decision making flowchart.
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uTrade H1 Half-Yearly Newsletter 2016

Indian markets have seen ups and downs so far during the year 2016. While Q1 CY2016 was a good trading period (usual anticipation at...
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Branding your startup – How did uTrade do it?

Branding your Start-up So you’ve jumped across all the hurdles in your way, put in sweat and blood, and invested countless hours to kick-off...
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Why does Blockchain matter?

Blockchain is likely to be the most hyped database in the current decade. It is the core technology that enabled bitcoin, which has had...
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